Some Major Lifestyle Choices due in part to the Ketogenic Diet this round

It’s been almost a month since my first post and my third month into adapting to a Ketogenic Diet. This last round which lasted 3 weeks was probably the best results I’ve seen mainly because I’ve been watching my fat percentage dropping like a stone and my lean body mass soaring. I feel like all the weight I’ve lost from the Keto Diet has empowered me to hit the gym at the Bay Club just a little harder. I’ve had more energy, more strength to lift more and heavier weights. My gym routine has recently transformed from hitting almost all the different regions of my body to more focused workouts around a single region + core — core everyday.

Knowledge of foods and experimentation with serving up the same foods in different ways have significantly enhanced the pleasure of eating items on my Ketogenic Diet List. Moreover, I’m experiencing a transformation in my social experience as people in different social environments are becoming more interactive and engaging and friends are much more supportive as they observe the change in my body composition; the high fat component of the Keto Diet appears less threatening as I get thinner and appear more ‘energetic’ as some friends have observed. However, the variability of being out of town or with a group of friends is probably my greatest enemy to Ketogenic consistency. This round of Ketosis was supposed to last for one more week but I fell victim to Saint Louis Style Ribs NOT once but TWICE last weekend.

2 thoughts on “Some Major Lifestyle Choices due in part to the Ketogenic Diet this round

  1. Those ribs though

    1. When I’m out of town for the weekend and ribs are on the menu it’s hard to resist. But I figure as long as I’m seeing the results I want I can break my Ketosis every now and then.

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