Post Ketogenic Life for a Little Over a Week and No Weight Gain

I’ve been out of Ketosis for about a week and a half now. Although, I can probably have the bun with my In-n-Out burger it’s hard to break the habits that the Ketogenic Lifestyle has taught me. I’ve continued to lose weight, go to the gym, eat relatively healthy, and I still consume a good amount of fat in my diet (which seems to be healthy as well). I’m having a Dark Cocounut Mocha at Chromatic Coffee as I’m writing this and I find that the sweetness is overpowering and regretting my decision. I was a little apprehensive about stopping for so long because of what many people say about eating carbs again — “You’ll Gain It All Back!”. What I’m doing differently is probably the continued abstemious eating, consistent gym sessions, consuming items from my Ketogenic Snack List.

I feel like it would be safe for me to continue without Keto Adaptation because I’m continuing to lose weight. Some of the forces at work preventing from engaging in Keto again is the Brain Fog which you can read a little bit about here. However, I wonder after this much time it will be even faster for me to achieve Keto Adaptation; especially with the Ketosis boosts from working out.

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