Starting My High Fat Low Carb Diet Again

It’s been fun being off the Ketogenic Diet and for the most part I didn’t become too much of a glutton. I got to enjoy some pizza yesterday and some desserts but not much else. Surprisingly I wasn’t aching for a bun with my burgers and continued to enjoy Ketosis friendly foods. However, I did gain about a pound in the last week but I’ve also been dealing with a hurt back from deadlifting and a family emergency for over a week; so there’s probably not much to read into with the slight weight gain.

Today has been full on Ketogenic Diet food and I’m already dreading the onset of Brain Fog but I’m far more excited about the changes I’m going to have in my body and the post brain fog on Ketosis an alright feeling. I’ll be attempting my longest round of Ketosis yet.

3 thoughts on “Starting My High Fat Low Carb Diet Again

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