The Biggest Hurdle: Finding Enough Fat

This entire week, I’ve been eating within the limits of the Ketogenic Diet. Having easy access to enough avocados and macadamia nuts at work significantly help sustain the High Fat diet. However, things crumbled Friday night after a hard gym workout. I had half the normal amount of avocado and I finished my bag of macadamia nuts at work that day.

Here’s a rule to live by on while on this diet:

Rule: Always have easy access to fatty foods and be sure to consume throughout the day.

I realize I hadn’t fully committed myself to Ketosis this week and that contributed to my breakdown. Little things like overeating a bit on protein while taking my sister out to dinner and then telling myself that I’m not doing a cold turkey Keto allowed the trickle of a noncommittal attitude to unleash what I may reference as my fat passenger. My fat passenger consumes with no boundaries. What may have also contributed to my looseness with my eating are the gains I’ve been making at the gym. I partially feel like Ketosis isn’t necessary anymore.

Ketosis Round 4 continue tomorrow. Week One is a total failure. A delicious failure.

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