Month: August 2016

The Biggest Hurdle: Finding Enough Fat

This entire week, I’ve been eating within the limits of the Ketogenic Diet. Having easy access to enough avocados and macadamia nuts at work significantly help sustain the High Fat diet. However, things crumbled Friday night after a hard gym workout. I had half the normal amount of avocado and I finished my bag of macadamia […]

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Starting My High Fat Low Carb Diet Again

It’s been fun being off the Ketogenic Diet and for the most part I didn’t become too much of a glutton. I got to enjoy some pizza yesterday and some desserts but not much else. Surprisingly I wasn’t aching for a bun with my burgers and continued to enjoy Ketosis friendly foods. However, I did gain about […]

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Important: Starvation Mode and a High Fat Diet

While on the Ketogenic Diet you’ll experience significantly reduced hunger. While this is a good thing you should resist the urge to starve yourself and remember to eat! Starvation Mode on the Ketogenic Diet There have been some days while on the Ketogenic Diet that I found myself eating just one meal a day. The influence […]

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Post Ketogenic Life for a Little Over a Week and No Weight Gain

I’ve been out of Ketosis for about a week and a half now. Although, I can probably have the bun with my In-n-Out burger it’s hard to break the habits that the Ketogenic Lifestyle has taught me. I’ve continued to lose weight, go to the gym, eat relatively healthy, and I still consume a good […]

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