Month: July 2016


Some Major Lifestyle Choices due in part to the Ketogenic Diet this round

It’s been almost a month since my first post and my third month into adapting to a Ketogenic Diet. This last round which lasted 3 weeks was probably the best results I’ve seen mainly because I’ve been watching my fat percentage dropping like a stone and my lean body mass soaring. I feel like all the weight I’ve […]

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Diminish Ketogenic Diet Side Effects

Working Out has been Awesome Since last weekend I’ve been going to the gym almost every day. I’ve been making huge gains in lean body mass while depleting fat stores at a rapid pace and I feel lit up! This is my third week into this round of Keto Adaptation and I’m feeling great. I’ve […]

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My Keto Snack List is So Simple yet Delicious

I’m starting to work out a lot more on the Keto Diet and this is leading to an increase in food craving. I’m finding that I need to be really careful because I’ve started to wander the aisles in the middle of the night at the nearby supermarket thinking about what foods I can possibly […]

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Sometimes we Just Get Tired of Butter

I’m getting a little tired of eating butter. It’s great pouring it all over all my meals but when I’m just having butter in coffee or just as butter chips I don’t feel any great joy. I also find that I have more of a habit of eating butter on work days than I do […]

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Ketosis Really is Easy Weight Loss

When I first heard of the Ketosis Diet I was a little doubtful about how long I would last for. Making silent pledges to myself that I’ll have cheat days and that everything will be alright. “I’ll be able to have Oreo Cookies and Spicy Dorito chips again”, I thought before plunging into Ketosis Adaptation. […]

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How Can You Tell if You’re In Ketosis without Looking for Ketones in Your Urine

When I first started adjusting my diet to match the Ketogenic lifestyle I was totally winging it. And that was okay because I had to adapt to cutting out rice, potatoes, and bread. You can do the same especially if you feel like going cold turkey on the junk food you love is too hard. […]

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Avocado Milkshake and My Ketogenic First Week, Round 3 Complete

It wasn’t quite the picnic I hoped for getting back into the Ketogenic Diet after consuming several Krispy Creme donuts and a cheesecake last weekend. Last Friday, Saturday and Sunday was hard especially while tackling an annoying problem at work. Friday was riddled with low energy, high impatience. Saturday I was foggy and moody. Sunday I […]

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A Little Catch Up and Korean Food is Great for the Ketogenic Diet

I find that it’s much easier to eat Keto style over the work week than it is over the weekends. Where I am and who I’m hanging out with is so variable that I find a little difficulty in getting just the right portions of Fat, Protein, and Carbs. I’ve already had four eggs and two […]

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A little bit more than just my Fat Packing Pork Belly Ketosis Lunch

I’m so glad Tuesday is over I’m in my second day to becoming Keto adapted again. I made it through without breaking my Keto diet, however, I think I ended up eating way too little. Besides what I posted for lunch yesterday in my how to get started with Ketosis page I only had 3 […]

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Coming back from the Dark Side: Return of the Ketosis

I have no one to blame but myself… It’s Tuesday and Monday evening was clearly not my big comeback into Keto adaptation. After the lengthy Krispy Creme conversation on Friday and fireworks in Redwood City how could we resist the Independence Day Donuts. At least one of those donuts pictured is mine— maybe three. However, I just want to […]

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