Ketosis Really is Easy Weight Loss

When I first heard of the Ketosis Diet I was a little doubtful about how long I would last for. Making silent pledges to myself that I’ll have cheat days and that everything will be alright.

“I’ll be able to have Oreo Cookies and Spicy Dorito chips again”, I thought before plunging into Ketosis Adaptation.

It’s been at least a couple months now and I’m stunned at how much weight I’ve lost. I’ve only measured myself the last three weeks and I’ve lost a great amount of fat and gained muscle with minimal exercise twice a week. The Leptin hormone is so powerful in reducing craving that it can also cause you to forget to eat which if you’re trying to accelerate your weight loss you can do it with Ketosis. I seriously love being able to observe the changes in body composition and I really have to declare that this is the easiest weight loss diets, lifestyle changes I have ever experienced.

This is kind of my first week back into the gym going harder than I was ever going before while on Ketosis. Despite what a lot of people think about glucose and the interplay with explosive movement I’ve found that I’m hitting the gym a lot harder this week than I was a couple months ago, even more than a few months ago. I’m curious to see whether this trend will continue. If not I might have to transition into something called Ketogenic Cycling.

Below is what I had for lunch and dinner today. Strips of Black Pork Belly, Beef and an avocado with butter poured all over. I can’t believe I’m losing weight eating this stuff.


And I’m having an Iced Ecstatic Coffee at Philz while I’m writing this:


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