How Can You Tell if You’re In Ketosis without Looking for Ketones in Your Urine

When I first started adjusting my diet to match the Ketogenic lifestyle I was totally winging it. And that was okay because I had to adapt to cutting out rice, potatoes, and bread. You can do the same especially if you feel like going cold turkey on the junk food you love is too hard. However, what took me to the next level was being able to measure my Ketones. Rather than guessing it is so much easier to know at some level how deep into Ketosis are you?

That’s why I invested in a Ketonix Breath Ketone Test Monitor. This is the only device on the market that doesn’t require your blood or looking for Ketones in your urine as far as I know. You merely breath into it and it conveniently shows what percentage of ketosis you’re at and stores that data. The current model requires you to plug it into your computer or rely on flashing lights on the actual device to indicate your level of Ketones. Comically when the device lights up it resembles a rave stick or nicotine vape so ‘lighting’ up in a public space draws a lot of attention.


Below is a chart of my measurements up until having some Chinese food and breaking my Ketosis. As you can see it is pretty damn accurate. Looking at the ebbs and flow of Ketone data is a bit nostalgic because I can remember the energy I felt and the interesting changes in my body.


There are other ways you can measure your Ketones but I believe that having to pee on a stick or prick your fingers often would be a huge turn off to a lot of people who would benefit greatly if they switched to a Ketogenic Diet. By the way, I recently reached out to Ketonix to see if they wanted to partner up on a mobile app and I learned that they were working on a bluetooth enabled device. I have no idea when it’s coming out but I’ll definitely be upgrading.

By the way, I had a butter coffee, avocado, and a couple eggs for lunch today. If you’ve read my other posts try and figure out how much Fat/Protein/Carbs there are because the more you practice the easier it’ll be for you to know what to eat:


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  1. This really answered my problem, thank you!

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