The Ketogenic Diet

The Fastest Way to Transform Your Body Composition

Avocado Milkshake and My Ketogenic First Week, Round 3 Complete

It wasn’t quite the picnic I hoped for getting back into the Ketogenic Diet after consuming several Krispy Creme donuts and a cheesecake last weekend. Last Friday, Saturday and Sunday was hard especially while tackling an annoying problem at work. Friday was riddled with low energy, high impatience. Saturday I was foggy and moody. Sunday I […]

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A Little Catch Up and Korean Food is Great for the Ketogenic Diet

I find that it’s much easier to eat Keto style over the work week than it is over the weekends. Where I am and who I’m hanging out with is so variable that I find a little difficulty in getting just the right portions of Fat, Protein, and Carbs. I’ve already had four eggs and two […]

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A little bit more than just my Fat Packing Pork Belly Ketosis Lunch

I’m so glad Tuesday is over I’m in my second day to becoming Keto adapted again. I made it through without breaking my Keto diet, however, I think I ended up eating way too little. Besides what I posted for lunch yesterday in my how to get started with Ketosis page I only had 3 […]

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Coming back from the Dark Side: Return of the Ketosis

I have no one to blame but myself… It’s Tuesday and Monday evening was clearly not my big comeback into Keto adaptation. After the lengthy Krispy Creme conversation on Friday and fireworks in Redwood City how could we resist the Independence Day Donuts. At least one of those donuts pictured is mine— maybe three. However, I just want to […]

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Stopping Ketosis for a Cheesecake

So I killed my Keto yesterday. I made a seemingly conscious decision to end my Ketosis; although I had just resumed a few days ago after halting on a Monday to eat some Chinese dumplings. The reason why I felt as if my decision wasn’t entirely made from freewill is because I didn’t keep track of what I […]

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Lunch today and easy restaurant options for Ketosis

Just so I could have a little more content here today I did a quick search on google for “Ketogenic Friendly Restaurants” and I stumbled across a couple pretty good web articles about where you can find ketogenic friendly food in the wild. But first, here are some of the places I ate at this week: […]

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A Snippet from my First Few Weeks of Keto

I think the biggest hurdle I’ve had to endure in terms of becoming Keto adapted has been both understanding what the hell I’m doing and also participating in social activities. Embarrassingly the first few weeks of my Ketosis journey resulted in, well— no ketosis adaptation at all. This failure was also in large part due to my […]

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Ketosis lunches aren’t as difficult as you think

I’ve had some people ask me about what I’m doing differently that is causing me to lose weight so fast. Then when I tell them about Ketosis which is high fat, low carb and no sugar they typically feel overwhelmed about the limited options available to them at work and at restaurants. However, for a […]

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Ketosis breakfast at work on a Friday

I don’t consider myself much of a morning person. I wish I was but all my efforts to hack my circadian rhythm have been hindered by the fact that it’s way more fun for me to stay up. To get my days started I’ll begin with some buttered coffee to wake me up and get me […]

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My First Blog post on Ketosis

This is the excerpt for your very first post.

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